Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Gr 1 Idido

Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Gr 1 Idido

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Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe




Idido Cooperative


Smallholder producers




Ethiopian Heirloom


Natural Process

Idido Cooperative, named after the nearby village, is highly regarded in the world of Ethiopian coffee. Established in the late 70s and joining ranks with the Yirgacheffe Farmer’s Union in 2002, it is now 1,044 members strong. These farmers were among the first in the world to craft meticulously prepared natural processed coffees under the name “Idido Misty Valley.” Because the Idido Cooperative is sanctioned by the Ethiopian government, it legally bypasses the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange. This allows them to avoid the generic regional labeling “Yirgacheffe,” and gives much greater traceability to their coffees. Idido members also benefit from the direct relationship, receiving assistance with processing techniques, facilities, and stations. Though the life of a coffee producer is not as simple in

reality as on paper, this traceability helps them receive more for their coffees than via the ECX and, ultimately gives them and their families a chance for a better quality of life.

Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe,


The Gedeo zone in the southwest of Ethiopia, is the homeland of the Gedeo people. Lying about 369 long kilometers from Addis Ababa on dusty and often difficult roads, this zone occupies a narrow strip of the Ethiopian highlands on the Eastern Escarpment and includes the town of Yirgacheffe itself. Gedeo is bordered by Sidama on the north, and encircled on the other three sides by the Oromia region.

In Gedeo, Yirgacheffe, there are 15 washing stations and approximately 25,000 local coffee smallholders. Here the soil is loamy, red-brown, fertile, and coffees carry strong fruit tea notes along with crisp apple and stone fruit. Approximately 95% of these coffees can be considered as organic, though not officially certified.

Notes: Blueberry, blackberry, chocolate, sweet, nice intensity, smooth full body

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