Columbia Tolima Excelso EP FTO

Columbia Tolima Excelso EP FTO

from 13.50

Cafe Colsuaves SAS

Asociación de Productores Ecológicos de Planadas (ASOPEP)

Planadas Tolima, Columbia

Excelso Europrep

Washed and sun dried on the farm

Caturra, Columbia, Typica, Castillo

1350-2170 masl

Organic, Fair Trade

Bright cherry, black berry, mango, syrupy and resonant

Our organic Tolima from the legendary Tolima Department is sourced from the Asociación de Productores Ecológicos de Planadas (ASOPEP), in the south of Tolima. ASOPEP was founded in 2013 with the mission: “To be known as an association that creates opportunities for the personal growth of its members, protects the environment, innovates in commercial business processes and is always in the vanguard of specialty coffee producers worldwide.” The 168 member families include 30 where women are the heads of household and manage the farming operations. Education and youth involvement is a fundamental pillar of the group, and through a youth collective, actively trains young people in cupping, quality control and barista skills as well as management and education in science and technology. Members of the youth collective spend a fair amount of time travelling throughout Columbia participating in trade shows, compelling young people to stay in the countryside and take active roles is the community instead of moving to the cities. Strict attention to detail in cultivation, harvesting and processing ensure a bright, sweet, clean cup that’s complex as well as consistent. We’ve come to look forward to bright cherry, blackberry and mango from ASOPEP coffees, along with a syrupy mouth feel and resonant finish. Knowing their dedication and hard work, we’re excited to see the premiums they’re earning for their high quality take them even further!

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