Our commitment is to source the most sustainably grown coffees we can find that not only maintain, but consistently improve quality and flavor through environmental stewardship. Our efforts to foster that stewardship mean that you will only find naturally processed coffees at Roasted Ott.

We work with a few great importers that support coffee growers around the world by educating them on sustainable growing and processing practices, as well as helping them to form regional cooperatives that allow more modern washing stations and processing facilities. This results in better income and medical services for the growers and their families, better education for their children, and better quality coffee for us.

Almost all of the green coffee beans that I roast are sourced from organically certified, Fair Trade, Direct Trade, bird friendly, and/or Rain Forest Alliance growers; and I do my best to maintain the integrity of the organic coffees throughout my roasting process.

One of the importers I work with is International Coffee Trading. ICT is QAI Organic Certified, Rain Forest Alliance, and Fair Trade Certified. I donate a penny per pound for all coffee I get through ICT to Grounds for Health.

Some of my coffee beans come from Red Goni, an Indonesian, Direct Trade, farmer-based importer with an office in San Diego, CA.

I have also recently begun forming a relationship with a Kenyan family-owned company called Njoga Farms.