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Kenya AA Top Kiambu


  Kiambu is a coffee growing county in East of Rift-Valley Kenya that lies on the foothills of Aberdare ridge (elevation 3720m) and neighbours Nairobi. It comprises Thika, Ruiru and Limuru growing areas.
ALTITUDE: The altitude ranges from a low of 1,520 to a high of 2,200 meters above sea level.
SOILS: Soils are red volcanic soils which are deep, rich in organic matter.
RAINFALL: Annual average approximately 1098mm falling in a bimodal pattern with two distinct wet seasons
VARIETIES: Mostly SL28, SL 34 and to some degree Ruiru 11 and Batian.
AREA UNDER COVERAGE: Approximately 12,814ha grown on plantation and approx 10,890ha on smallholder farms comprising of 22 active co-operative societies with a total active membership of over 50,150 coffee growers.
ESTIMATED ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 15,633mt for Estates and in excess of 2,560mt for smallholders. –

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