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Who We Are

I like very fresh coffee and couldn't find it at the grocery store.  So I started roasting my own.  I soon had a following of loyal drinkers, many the firefighters I worked with at Mesa Fire & Medical, so... time for a bigger roaster.  You see it in the picture to the right.  A small Diedrich 3kg manually operated with gas and air valves.  No computerized profiles here, lots of trial and error.  Over the years I have developed many profiles for all different coffees, but most are roasted a bit slower and longer than other roasters, but also not as dark.  This preserves the inherent flavors of each region without burning the sugars and imparting that severe smoky charcoal taste.

 I found a few great importers that work with coffee growers around the world, educating them on sustainable growing and processing practices, and helping them to form regional cooperatives that allow more modern washing stations and processing facilities. Some of the results are better income and medical services for the growers and their families, better education for their children, and better quality coffee for us.    Many of the coffees I roast come from organically certified, Fair Trade or Direct Trade, bird friendly or Rain Forest Alliance growers, however the process to become Certified myself is lengthy and costly, and with my very small business, I have not yet achieved those certifications.  I do my best to maintain the integrity of my organic coffees throughout my roasting process.

I also donate a penny per pound through International Coffee Trading, one of my importers, to Grounds for Health.  ICT is also QAI organic certified, Rain Forest Alliance, and Fair Trade Certified.  I also get some of my coffee as Direct Trade from Red Goni, an Indonesian farmer based importer with an office in San Diego, and am beginning a relationship with a Kenyan family owned company called Njoga Farms.  

Why Us?

  • small batch roasted in a Diedrich 3kg roaster
  • sustainably grown coffees
  • long, slow roast process for smoother profile
  • less astringency & full flavor

Licensed SCA Q Grader through the Coffee Quality Institute.